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Lynn has an uncanny eye for detail and the ability to convey it.
Lynn Whitlow is one of the most skillful Senior Bikram teachers in the yoga community.

Lynn has been teaching the entirety of her adult life. She owned and operated seven tremendously successful Bikram Yoga schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, including the popular and eclectic Funky Door Yoga chain.

Lynn traveled to India to study with the Iyengars, and early in her teaching career Bikram granted her permission to conduct seminars and workshops; a privilege that is rarely extended. She is an important presence at the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, offering her refined no-nonsense knowledge to aspiring Bikram Yoga teachers.

Serving as one of a few select head judges for National and International yoga competitions, Lynn worked closely with Rajashree Choudhry and has played an integral role in the development and expansion of the International Yoga Championships and USA Yoga. She currently serves on the Board of Directors of USA Yoga.

Her no-nonsense, concise, and methodical teaching style make Lynn unique. Often referred to as the “teacher’s teacher,” her strengths are multifaceted.  She is able to lay a solid foundation for the raw beginner, guide the injured, develop intermediate students and both challenge and inspire the most seasoned of advanced students.

Three things I loved about the Lynn Whitlow seminar I recently attended: 1) She made me hear the dialogue as if it were new again, and I’ve been paying even closer attention to how I set up in the postures, making sure to address alignment before moving deeper. 2) She knows her stuff, and is clear about what is “correct” and what is meant by the words in the dialogue 3) I got excellent personal corrections that have helped to address some knee and hamstring issues.I hope she comes back soon!

Ellen Olson-Brown


  • Vermont Retreat
    JULY 21 - JULY 26
  • Vermont Retreat
    SEPTEMBER 22 – 27
  • Puerto Rico
    OCTOBER 17 - 24

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Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy, and expertise during our posture workshop and comprehensive class at BYA. It provided me with the education, energy, and kick-in-the-asana I needed for my own practice. Not only was I able to learn tips for certain postures I struggle with, but I appreciated modifications you provided other students who have certain limitations due to their anatomy, illnesses, and/ or injuries. Aside from the actual yoga, what stuck with me the most that you said was, we do this yoga to heal ourselves and allow ourselves to be able to do the activities and live the lives we want to live 10 years from now, 20 years from now, 30 years from now.

Much gratitude Lynn! I look forward to our paths crossing again!
 - Chrissy Mitchell

I’ve been a Bikram Yoga teacher since 2005 and have owned a Bikram Yoga studio since 2007. Since becoming certified to teach, I’ve attended several of Lynn’s comprehensive classes, posture workshops and teachers workshops over the years. I can say with honesty and enthusiasm that my time spent with Lynn has deepened my understanding and improved my ability to practice and teach Bikram Yoga. I learn new concepts and techniques each time I take one of her classes or workshops.

What I appreciate most about Lynn is that she continues to learn and grow her own understanding of the yoga and how to apply it to all different body types and abilities. This is one of the reasons we continue to bring Lynn to BYA to work with our students and teachers. Her information is always fresh. Lynn covers a wide range of topics in her workshops but my favorite is when she talks about why we practice yoga and what the yoga does for our bodies, our minds, and sense of wellbeing. It validates the time and hard work we put into our practice. It’s so motivating. I can’t imagine anyone hearing her talk about this and not deciding, if they hadn’t already, that they will practice this yoga for the rest of their lives. The content is always thorough and interactive. Lynn encourages people to ask questions and get involved. We have fun! We get inspired!

In the teacher workshops we have an opportunity to ask questions about anything related to the yoga and teaching. We discuss how to be more effective teachers. We have an opportunity to practice various teaching techniques. We discuss how to give constructive feedback in order to help each other improve in our teaching. As a studio owner that often feels stuck in helping teachers grow, and as a teacher that also needs new stuff to work on, the teacher workshops are invaluable. Her workshops are a wonderful way to continue your education and keep you and your teachers challenged and excited about teaching Bikram Yoga. And just like the student workshops, the teacher workshops are always fresh, fun and inspiring!

Lynn has a wonderful way of bringing excitement and energy to the studio, students and staff. After one of her visits, all of us, students and teachers alike, are re-inspired and excited to get back on our podium or yoga mats to put into practice all we learned. The studio buzzes for days after her visit and students are excited to get back on their yoga mats. All of us bringing a whole new level of awareness and enthusiasm to our teaching and our yoga practice. We are already looking forward to her next visit!

Much gratitude Lynn! I look forward to our paths crossing again!

Shelby Rayner
Bikram Yoga Avondale

I attended a Lynn Whitlow master class at my home studio in March. I left there buzzing and couldn’t wait to take my next class to try out some of her tips. A master class sounds intimidating, but with Lynn it is not. She breaks down the postures and you are free to ask questions during the class. I found even if I wasn’t the one to ask the questions I could still apply the answers to my practice. I would highly recommend to a newer student as well as someone with a longtime practice. Lynn sees the yoga as a healing practice as it should be. I hope she comes to my neck of the woods again soon.
- Marie Dean


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