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    Lynn Whitlow, Master Teacher of Bikram Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates, offers coaching services for students, teachers, and studio owners.

    Lynn Whitlow, Master Teacher of Bikram Yoga & Inferno Hot Pilates, offers coaching services for students, teachers, and studio owners.


Together you will develop a unique formula for your personal mind-body-spirit connection — which is the key to staying motivated and reaching your goals.

Meet Lynn Whitlow


Lynn has been teaching for over thirty years and has built up her skills and reputation to be considered a master teacher and leader in the hot yoga community. Not only has she has founded and operated seven tremendously successful Bikram Yoga schools in the San Francisco Bay Area — including the popular and eclectic Funky Door Yoga chain — she has traveled to India to study with the Iyengar family to deepen her knowledge and expertise, immersing herself in the culture and traditions that she continues to pass on to others.

Early on in her career, Lynn received permission from Bikram Choudhury to conduct seminars and workshops worldwide as his senior teacher, an honor only a handful of yoga teachers have ever received.

Serving as one of a few select head judges for National and International Yoga Asana Competitions, Lynn worked closely with Rajashree Choudhury, a noted yoga therapist, and has played an integral role in the development and expansion of the International Yoga Asana Championships and what is known today as, USA Yoga.

Her honest, concise, and direct practical teaching and consulting style makes time with Lynn a valuable source for any student, teacher, or studio owner, as she delivers the information you need to know to be successful. Known for her quick wit and “to the point” advice, Lynn is known as the Judge Judy of her domain.

Through Lynn's decades of experience, she is able to lay a solid foundation for the raw beginner, guide the injured, develop the intermediate practitioner, and challenge the advanced yoga student. The teacher’s teacher, she also guides yoga instructors towards becoming their best and offers sage advice to studio owners, assisting them towards gaining their own success in the competitive field that is the current yoga industry. Time with Lynn Whitlow is time well spent.

YOGA WORLD"A teacher's teacher"

CANDID COACHINGThe 'Judge Judy' of holistic fitness

An expert in her domain, Lynn's candid delivery of practical, effective, and honest guidance has many comparing her to Judge Judy. Discover the benefits this "to-the-point" advising style brings by reading the service offerings below.

SERVICES FROM Lynn Practical. Effective. Honest.

Honest Consulting for Studio Owners

Get unstuck and strengthen your business — and yourself — with studio development from Lynn.


Receive intense one-on-one consulting over a minimum of three days
Take an honest look at the personal-spiritual-professional connection and uncover what may be holding you back
Identify how to best serve the needs of your community
Examine operations — sales, marketing, staff development, schedule — and determine shifts to increase your profit
Define your culture, mission and values — then learn how to put them into action
Develop your unique roadmap to success with a five-year business plan


Contact Lynn today to elevate your business with a personalized strategy for success.


Effective Applications for Teachers

Build skills and community-spirit with teacher development from Lynn.


Challenge your instructors with new concepts and teaching techniques
Cultivate team building, collaboration, and support
Update your team's knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of each posture
Sharpen your team's constructive critique methods
Learn new methods of instruction for different body types and abilities
Empower your instructors as ambassadors of your studio and culture


Contact Lynn today to extend theoretical training to meet real-world demands.


Practical Coaching Services for Students

Lynn Whitlow offers Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates workshops, seminars, and master classes for students of all levels.

Improve your understanding of Bikram Yoga and/or Inferno Hot Pilates
Execute a new level of awareness and focus within your practice
Ask questions to personalize your methods
Renew your commitment and enthusiasum for your practice

Contact Lynn today to go deeper into the practice and expand your possibilities.

YOGA WORLD"A Teacher's Teacher"

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With her wide-reaching experience, up-to-date information, and an uncanny eye for detail (with the ability to convey it), Lynn challenges, inspires, and elevates at every level.

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